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Stacy in Wedding Garden Setting
Stacy in Wedding Garden Setting

Contacted for an anonymous reference by Wedding/Events Trade for a San Francisco publication.

Summer, 2000

This is what vendors had to say about Mountain Magic Catering....

"I would definitely recommend them. We have many mutual clients and all our clients seem to be very happy with Mountain Magic. Their follow-up is great and their organizational skills are excellent. They are always on time and ready for us when we come to deliver our product. Although I have never tasted their food, our mutual clients say it is excellent. They also have a very professional looking website."

" We do lots of work with them. The food is amazing. They do really good food. We work with a lot of their brides and they all are very happy with them. Peter is very organized and is a sweetheart. .... I have nothing but good things to say ..."

"They are fabulous. I am a picky S.O.B. about food, presentation, and service and they never disappoint. It is 10 times harder to run a business up here then in S.F. Bay Area, and they do a consistently great job. 'They have it all dialed in.' They are very attentive to their clients needs and wants. I highly recommend them."

"... Mountain Magic Catering does a lovely, lovely, job. Lovely food, lovely presentation. Their service staff is ample and well trained. I have seen them at many events and they always do a lovely job. I don't see any problem areas in their business. Up here you can get some pretty dicey characters that hang up a shingle and say they are caterers. Mountain Magic are absolute top notch professionals."

"I have known them for several years. They offer wonderful presentations and wonderful service. I have seen them do wonderful presentations for the very informal/relaxed to quite elegant events. They are real sticklers about keeping with the timelines. They want to be informed if their clients are running late. They are very concerned with the integrity of their work and doesn't want their presentation to be compromised. They usually handle this situation well, but I have seen them get very upset over events running late. They just want everything perfect for their client. I've seen some very innovative things they offer on their menu. Their menu has a real variety. Peter does a good job. I think they run their business very well. Just this last weekend we did an event that was a sit down meal for a lot of people. The service was very efficient and the event ran very smoothly."

"They are very good. They run a very professional business. They are very thorough, very organized. ... Their clients I talk to are always pleased with their work. Their food is incredible. It is always amazing. They have a very sophisticated palate; and their menu has a bit of an Asian flair to it. I simply love their food. They are also pleasant to work with."

"If we can't do a job, the only catering company we'll refer to is Mountain Magic. They are very good to their clients and our good food-makers. 'I would recommend them highly.'"

"They are excellent. They are very involved with the International Wine and Food Society. You are not asked to participate in the Society's events without being very well respected. Their work and presentation is amazing. Every time I have seen their work I have been very impressed. I think they do fantastic work. One time when they were presenting a seafood station, they displayed old diving equipment in their buffet presentation -- it was incredible! The food tastes good too!!!"

"Mountain Magic has catered several of our personal events including our wedding. They provided A-1 Service for 250 people in the middle of hale, sleet and snow. I am not kidding. We were tented, but it was amazingly difficult conditions and they were just wonderful. We've had two other major events they've catered, and everyone was so impressed with their work. Their execution of their service is amazing. We are considering doing weddings as part of our business; if we do, we will certainly recommend Mountain Magic to our clients."

" I can't speak highly enough about them. They are probably the most professional caterers I've ever seen. They have a fabulous wait staff, always the same professional, conscientious, well dressed crew. Peter is a very creative chef .... I guess Professional is the word. They might be more expensive, but I believe you get what you pay for. You can always count on them. If you hire them, they will be there and you don't have to worry about anything."

"They are excellent, dependable; you can't go wrong with them. Their food is great. They do what they are paid to do. They are one of several caterers we recommend. Overall I would just have to rate them, excellent. I don't have any complaints about them. Sometimes I don't think the client allows for overtime, so Mountain Magic leaves when their contract is up, honoring their contract. We are going to change our rules here that caterers must be must be contracted to stay until the very end."

"They are wonderful. We do a lot of business together." (LVM)

They do fabulous work. Ask for the hand carved watermelon, they usually carve the Bride and Grooms name out on them." (LVM)

"I'd love to talk to you about Mountain Magic. They are a great company and I've worked with them on numerous occasions." (LVM)

"Mountain Magic are very professional, food tastes great and they work well with other vendors. I always think of them as high-end elegant affair caterers but they can do BBQ's just as well. They offer a wide variety of food service. Their website is excellent and really walks the bride through their services. I don't feel comfortable talking about any areas that may need improvement, because they are not only close business associates, but also I have a personal relationship with them. So friends always see warts or have inside info that the brides are NEVER going to see. What I know would not effect their clients perception or their great service delivery to their clients. They are my preferred caterer."

*(LVM) = not available for interview/left vendor message