Tahoe City and Truckee’s Farmers Market

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Farmers Market
Farmer's Market Fresh
Farmers Market
Farmer's Market Fresh

Chef Peter Bowers continually hand selects produce, fruits and organic herbs from our local Sierra Foothills community supported growers who know exactly what they sell and in turn what we are serving you. The Natural Trading Company is one of our preferred growers. All of the farm’s fresh produce is grown in soils free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers by knowledgeable growers minimizing the distance from their original origin to your catered event. Essential in our healthy lifestyle we are comfortable knowing that our clients seek us out consistently because of these ideals.

A typical commercially sold carrot has to travel 1,838 miles to reach your dinner table! Local foods travel only a few dozen miles from where they originate to our catering kitchen and then to your event. Mountain Magic Catering’s priority is to serve fresh, organic, local produce in order to ensure exceptional taste and healthy fare.

The business practice is simply common sense and rewards all of us…

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Organic Farm
Placer County Grown
Lettuce, Arugula
Carrots, Radishes, Onions
Organic Strawberries