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Rubicon Bay Seated Dinner

Mountain Magic Catering

Rubicon Bay Reception
Rubicon Bay Reception

Shoreline Circle Reception

Saturday September 17th 2011

Rubicon Bay

Hors D’oeuvres
All hors d’oeuvres are hand prepared and finished on site !

From the Ocean

House smoked wild Alaskan salmon with whipped mascarpone cheese and caper relish on baked  ‘sea salt” potato crisps

From the Garden

“Organic sunburst ” grilled peach wedges picked with Camenbert cheese, crushed black pepper and balsamic syrup

From the Range

Miniature beef Wellington pastries. Angus tenderloin layered between petit pastries with herbed blue cheese

Seated Reception

First Course

A salad of mixed organic greens, Bosc pears, maple-glazed pecans, roast goat cheese coins and Virgin raspberry vinaigrette

Second Course

Roasted fall butternut squash with sweet ginger cream and cinnamon basil garnish

Plated Reception Entrees
From the Coast and the Ranch

“Grilled choice Angus” Prime Ribeye steaks
Fresh thyme and red Zinfandel sauce
Rainbow Swiss chard
Roasted garlic and minced chive fingerling potatoes

Marinated and grilled California Sea Bass filets
Classic sauce Gremolata
Grilled and peeled Cherokee tomatoes
Lemon herb couscous


Sweet Marsala wine Sabayone
(white wine custard) layered with the best local berries, nectarines, apricots and peaches
Candied mint