A Lake Tahoe BBQ

Mountain Magic Catering

Lake Tahoe BBQ


“Magic spiced” and grilled Brie cheese quesadilla triangles with roasted sweet red peppers and ripe mango sauce.

Salsa Bar

Selection of our Farmer’s Market salsas/dips

Heirloom tomato salsa fresca, grilled tomatillo salsa verde, sweet corn and black bean dip lime guacamole and fire roasted jalapeno and artichoke dip
Baskets of white corn chips and crudite’s

BBQ Buffet

Tossed salad of romaine hearts, local cherry tomatoes, slivered carrots, green onions, sourdough croutons and our creamy herb vinaigrette.

Sun dried tomato and crisp corn tortilla quesadillas with basil pesto and imported havarti cheese. Avocado crème 

Lemon roasted baby red potato salad. Roasted garlic oil, lemon zest and olive oil based dressing with slivered arugula and crumbled sheep’s milk feta.

“Rib ticklers” spice rubbed baby back ribs, Mesquite smoked ribs finished on the grill with our homemade ticklers barbecue sauce.

Spicy grilled chicken breasts. Fresh ginger, lemon grass, habenero peppers, crushed garlic, coriander, sweet basil and honey glazed chicken.


Sugared puff pastry triangles layered with chilled Farmers Market organic peach compote, strawberries and minted cream.