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Mountain Magic Catering

Tahoe Green Catering Award


Keep the Sierra Green has honored Mountain Magic Catering as a leader in sustainability and waste practices.

The Tahoe Truckee/Incline Village sustainability and waste reduction program recognizes Mountain Magic as a local "Green Business"

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Zing YangContinually sealing the envelope, Mountain Magic Catering has remained in the forefront of local caterers, especially when it comes to being eco-conscious. Having been organic and “green” before these buzzwords became mainstream we are happy knowing that our clients seek us out consistently because of these ideals. Because of our deep appreciation for balance between our healthy lifestyle, food and commitment to the conservation of our Earth’s resources…we pledge the following:

Tahoe GreenIn practicing pollution prevention we recycle all we can, from office papers to cardboard to aluminum, all plastics and avoid Styrofoam completely. We California Blue bag recycle in our catering kitchen and our catered events. Mountain Magic also prefers to purchase supplies from companies that use recycled and recyclable materials and have the same clear environmental view as ours. We consistently promote paperless communication, advertising and zero office commutes using the internet and home based office. We are very excited about our “New Practice” of composting all organic materials in our commercial catering kitchen. It is often quite amazing at how much recyclable rubbish and organic compost material our smaller yet active catering company can create.

These adopted and expanding practices are simplistic, yet our approach over time will have a much smaller carbon footprint compared to other similar businesses.